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Season 2 Episode 7: This One’s for the Mujeres- Women’s History Month Nopal Kweenz Edition

March 24, 2022

Join your co-hosts La Sirena and La Estrella in an extended conversation about the experiences of being a mujer. Mujeres are amazing, facing double standards, gender roles, patriarchy, etc. and still making moves for a better future! In this episode we get real about what it's like to live in world that always has something to say about what women "should be" or should "look like" and how we handle this like Chingonas. Each of your co-hosts also highlight their own female role models- listen in to find out who they are! We also reveal some big news at the end that we think our listeners will be ecstatic to hear! Grab your ear buds and a snack and let's get into it!