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We’re Gonna Be Alright- Season 2 Wrap Up

Nopal Kweenz wrap up season 2 in true fashion- real, unapologetic conversations from the Latinx perspective. In this episode La Estrella and La Sirena discuss recent events that are having an impact on our community and beyond such as the recent abortion ban and how we are coping through that experience, and the recent string of mass shootings. La Sirena shares her own personal story losing family to the El Paso mass shooting and what it means to truly take a break and prioritize mental health. Alas, not all hope is lost though! The Nopal Kweenz shed light on some great highlights on Latinx community accomplishments and remind us all that we are multi-storied and resilient. We're gonna be alright gente! 

Season 2 Episode 9: No Pressure- Unpacking the Daughter of Immigrant Experience

Take a trip around the world with the Nopal Kweenz in this episode. We talk with  Nancy Diaz, of Global Citizen Therapy, a Latina therapist based out of Australia,. We unpack the experiences of daughter of immigrants, the pressures of parent-pleasing, creating our own paths while honoring family roots, and more! Stick around at the end as we also explore Nancy's own journey as a Latina traveling the world, living and practicing as a therapist. 

Season 2 Episode 8- Coming ”Out of” COVID

In this episode Nopal Kweenz get real about their experiences coming out of COVID. La Sirena talks about her experiences as a clinician working in crisis services during the pandemic and struggling through vicarious trauma symptoms. La Estrella shares her experiences with pandemic job loss and finding work again. This episode also explores how our bodies respond to trauma and stress and what we can do to find ourselves again as we are coming out of COVID and returning back to in office work. Tune in to hear how they ended up coping through these and where they are now. COVID has been hard pero we will get through together gente! 

Season 2 Episode 7: This One’s for the Mujeres- Women’s History Month Nopal Kweenz Edition

Join your co-hosts La Sirena and La Estrella in an extended conversation about the experiences of being a mujer. Mujeres are amazing, facing double standards, gender roles, patriarchy, etc. and still making moves for a better future! In this episode we get real about what it's like to live in world that always has something to say about what women "should be" or should "look like" and how we handle this like Chingonas. Each of your co-hosts also highlight their own female role models- listen in to find out who they are! We also reveal some big news at the end that we think our listeners will be ecstatic to hear! Grab your ear buds and a snack and let's get into it! 

Season 2 Episode 6: First-Gen Parents and Mental Health

Join us for part II of First-Gen February as we explore the world of first-gen parents, whose padres immigrated to the US and are the first to raise their children in a country different than their own. We get into the duality of first-gen parenting and unpack the mental health aspects of this journey; we get into what it means to actively break generational trauma cycles, ending chancla culture, addressing toxic masculinity, and choosing to raise bi-lingual children- or not. Your co-hosts La Estrella and La Sirena welcome guest Anabel Raya, a mother of 2 and first-gen parent to share her story. Ponte el seat belt, grab those snacks, you do not want to miss this episode as we celebrate first-gen parents and get real about first-gen parenting! 

Season 2 Episode 5: First-Generation College Students and Mental Health

It's First-Gen February! Tune into part I of a two-part series this month highlighting the experiences of first-generation gente. In this episode, La Sirena, La Estrella and returning guest Rafa Morales-Ordaz, a college advisor who works with first-gen students, discuss the experiences of first-generation students as they navigate college for the first time, the power of asking for help, the delicate journey of navigating feelings of guilt, balancing family and school obligations and not giving up when times get tough. We honor the challenges and real experiences of first-gen students and how these factors affect mental health, and also celebrate the amazing tenacity and strength of our gente. You don't want to miss out on this conversation! 

Season 2 Episode 4: Unpacking ”Encanto”- Generational Trauma and Healing in the Latinx Community

Join Nopal Kweenz as we dive deep into our favorite movie Encanto to unpack everything it brought up for so many of us. The impact of historical/colonial trauma, the vicious cycle of trauma responses, how generational trauma gets passed down, and how we can heal our familias. [**Encanto Movie Spoilers in this episode]

Season 2 Episode 3: New Year New Vibes

In this episode, we tackle how the beginning of a new year always feels like a fresh start to do things differently, and realize that we have the power to do so! Join us as we talk with Michael Lemus @arisewithlemus Life Coach, Strategic Brand Consultant, and Speaker. Michael is a Latino whose mission is to help others find their voice, reclaim their happiness, and align themselves with their life goals. If creating the life you want by aligning your intentions with your mind, body and soul has been on your mind, you don’t want to miss this episode!

Season 2 Episode 2: Generational Wealth and Mental Health

Welcome to the re-launch of season 2! In this episode Nopal Kweenz get real about money and mental health. Join us as we talk with Luzy D. King, found of Viva La Budget and Finance. She is a Latina whose mission is to help Latinx folks break through beliefs that limit us in our journey to financial success. Also joining us is the fabulous new co-host, La Estrella. If building generational wealth has been on your mind, you don't want to miss this convo! 


Nopal Kweenz started as an Idea in a parking lot three years ago. We had no idea that we would still be here in the community three years later with all of you! We are excited to enter a new season and invite y'all to check out this episode to learn more about what we are doing and where Nopal Kweenz is headed. We have so many sueñitos for this podcast and are looking forward to bringing them to life. Thank you for Supporting this Latina Driven podcast. We could not do this without you, our community. We have a seat waiting for you at the table; see you soon.

Much Love,

Nopal Kweenz

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