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Episode 10: Listener Questions

Can you believe it! We made it to episode 10! Nopal Kweenz would like to thank all of our listeners for the love and support that you have shown us this far. To show you all a token of our gratitude we have chosen to dedicate this episode to you! Tune in to hear us answer some of the questions that you all submitted. This was a super fun episode. We definitely enjoyed reading and answering your questions! Thank you all for participating.

 Con mucho amor,

 Nopal Kweenz

Episode 9: Let’s Get Real about ACE’s and PTSD

What are ACE’s? Adverse Childhood Experiences are events or circumstances that are present in the first 18 years of life such as abuse, neglect, and household challenges. ACE’s can have a significant impact on future outcomes of health, violence, victimization, and traumatization. In this episode, Nopal Kweenz provide insight into the ACE’s study that was done by Kaiser, the potential impact that ACE’s can have on our Latinx community, as well as take a deeper dive into PTSD, which is one of the potential negative outcomes of having adverse childhood experiences. Knowledge is power gente! Nopal Kweenz are here to educate our gente and put you up on some important game about ACE’s and PTSD!

Episode 8: Can We Chill?

Episode 8 is here! We can’t believe we have made it this far! Grab a snack, some headphones or put on your seatbelt and take a ride with us. In this episode, we get into the pressures of living in a culture of “What’s next?”. We share our experiences and talk about how the “What’s next?” culture in the US impacts our own culture, as well as our relationships with our family, ourselves and our mental health.  

Episode 7: Demystifying Mental Health Disorders

Episode 7 is here! Y’all ready? Our mission is to empower Latinx communities to take charge of their Mental Health, by spreading knowledge and awareness to topics that historically have been and are still taboo. In this episode, we break down Mental Health disorders that are not talked about enough. We focus on Major Depression, Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder. If you are interested in gaining some insight and awareness on these topics, we invite you to grab your headphones and/or jump in our car and press play! Let’s get into it!

Episode 6: Tidying Up Your Mental Health

In this episode, we discuss how to emotionally de-clutter, inspired by the foundations of Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Get ready to tidy up your mental health as we explore defense mechanisms and distorted thinking patterns that can negatively impact our family, social and work relationships. If you've been feeling an urge to do some cleansing of old habits to make room for a new you, join us in episode 6 to explore ways to increase your mental health and wellness!

Episode 5: Let’s Get Into It

For episode 5, we partnered with La Gente Podcast! La Gente started with 1 goal in mind, to create a platform where all POCs could have a voice and where all POCs could find a community. Ashley & Edgar aim to bring on guests of all colors, of all races, and of all genders to share THEIR narrative on La Gente Podcast. They discuss topics that concern POC communities, women, the LGBTQ community and have explored topics such as immigration, young mothers, education, rape culture and so much more! In this episode, Nopal Kweenz and La Gente Podcast answer questions from the listeners, unpacking issues such as toxic masculinity, the impact of mental health on the Latinx community, unique experiences of first-generation college students, and more! Tune in and join the conversation as we continue to increase awareness and empowerment of our gente around the topic of salud mental.

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Episode 4: Latinos y Mental Health

Hola Comunidad! Episode numero cuatro is finally here! We are excited to introduce our very first Nopal Kweenz guest and tackle an issue that was influenced by our listener feedback. In this episode, we talk about Latinos y Mental Health with a focus on the psychological wellness of our male identified folx. Tune in as we break down misconceptions, gender norms and stigmas. This episode is a safe space for males to embrace their emotions. Vulnerability is strength and we are here for it!

Episode 3: Traditions & Transitions

Pongansen “El seatbelt”, pop in your headphones, or prop your feet up porque Nopal Kweenz are here rolling out episode Numero 3: Traditions and Transitions. In this discussion, we highlight the importance of weaving in traditional healing approaches such as faith, spirituality and family acceptance into therapy when serving our Latinx Communities. We also reflect on the challenges of setting boundaries in a Latinx familia during our own journeys of self-discovery. The Nopal Kweenz get real and talk about managing life when things are overwhelming and how we allow ourselves to take breaks to recharge. As always, we sign off with affirmations for our gente out there sharing in the struggles of balancing self-identity with family traditions and expectations.

Episode 2: Semillas

Ponte el seatbelt and join us as we begin to break down barriers in Mental Health. In this episode, you will hear us talk about Taraji’s P. Hensons Foundation, The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation and the importance of representation in the mental health field. We get real in this episode #chillonas; We shed light on the semillas that rooted us into the mental health field. Don’t miss out as we sign off with some affirmations and validations! We are here for you! You are not alone and together we can dismantle the stigmas in Mental Health.

Con mucho amor, Nopal Kweenz; La Luna, La Rosa y La Sirena

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Episode 1: Hola Mundo, Las Kweenz have arrived!

Hola amores! The wait is over! Nopal Kweenz episode one has officially dropped. We are beyond excited to share this project with you all! In this episode, you will learn who the heck we are, what we do, and how we became Nopal Kweenz. We are unapologetically ourselves and together we are creating a much needed dialogue about Mental Health in the Latinx community. So, grab a snack or if you’re driving ponte el seat belt and let us roll with you.

Con Mucho Amor,

Nopal Kweenz